Trade and marketing analyses, strategies and consulting

Abilico has the necessary skills and resources for development of trade and marketing analyses and strategies, as well as for investment and project consulting in international and European projects.

We offer the following services:

•     Sector trade analyses, including information about the state of the specific sector market and trends for its development. These analyses are based on monitoring business trends in individual sectors and impact of individual factors such as competitiveness, institutional environment, prices, and anticompetitive practices. Based on the collected and aggregated data clients receive a comprehensive picture of the state of the particular market and are provided with conclusions and recommendations for improving their competitive environment in the relevant industry sector;

•     Technical-economic analyses based on: identifying potential limitations on technical and economic aspects of the project; assessment and analysis of existing legal and managerial base. As a result, we prepare a situational analysis and proposal with specific solutions and strategic steps;

•     Positional analysis and linking it to specific marketing strategies for reaching client’s marketing goals. Development of short-, medium- and long-term trade and marketing strategies; market trend analysis and identification of opportunities for their implementation based on strategically applicable activities ; proposals for specific trade activities aimed at attracting suitable consumer group, customer satisfaction analysis; diversification strategies for products and markets.

•     Marketing research in the following areas: Defining characteristics of current company markets or of those the company is interested in; Assessment of market potential; Identification and analysis of market share; Analysis of the competitive environment; Analysis of sales and market potential; Identification of trends in business development; Development of short-, medium- and long-term forecasts and strategies; Positioning study of company’s and competitors’ products / services in the market; Price level analysis; Test marketing of existing and new products;

The company offers comprehensive consulting services at all stages of the investment process: analysis of specific markets; Feasibility studies; Preparation of concepts and business plan; Identifying sources of financing; Preparation of conceptual design; Budget forecasts; Risk assessment.


Abilico has extensive experience in the field of consulting projects for international and European programs. We offer the following activities:


  • Feasibility study on project proposals and candidate eligibility as per the requirements of the financing institution, forming a structured investment idea out of ​​client’s investment intention and exploring options for its financing, detailed definition of project parameters;
  • Investment project development, including: completing application documents, preparation of estimated revenue and financial outcomes as a result of project execution; identifying and preparing time schedule of the project implementation activities; expense calculation and budget development; advising on the type of accompanying documents; developing, managing and completing tender documentation for provider/suppliers selection; conducting the procedure for supplier/vendor selection and consulting in the process of tender evaluation; drafting a procedure for tender evaluation and • preparing minutes of the evaluation committee work; preparation of documents for project advance payment;
  • Services after project approval: consulting on documentary and factual implementation of the approved project successful grant receipt; preparation of final financial and technical report.
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