The Conventional Energy and Energy Saving Technologies Division

The Conventional Energy and Energy Saving Technologies Division provides research, consulting and engineering services in the field of conventional power energy, electricity transmission and electricity distribution networks, district heating, design, procurement, testing and commissioning of control systems, control and diagnostics of processes in the power generation field.

Energy saving and highly efficient technologies are given priority in our business through the development and implementation of projects for the construction of combined generation capacities (cogeneration plants), etc.

The main activity of this branch is focused on ensuring compliance of plant operation with the new environmental standards enshrined in both the Bulgarian and the European legislation, by introducing new technical solutions for the reduction of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions and dust.

Abilico is among the leading companies in Bulgaria and in Europe to perform repair and maintenance works, with production facilities in a good operating condition. The company continually carries out different projects of refurbishment and repair of equipment at thermal power plants and hydro power plants, as well as with modern, new green technologies.