Simulator Development

Risk Engineering Ltd. is highly experienced in the erection of simulators for nuclear and thermal power plants, simulation scope extension as well as simulator operation and maintenance. Our experience was accumulated through cooperation with leading simulator manufacturers both in the USA and Europe. The engineering services provided by our Company cover the full scope of the simulation process and the necessary analyses, planning, design, implementation, adjustment and testing.

Our approach to upgrade, operation and maintenance of simulators is characterized by the interaction between systems design and analysis, engineering simulations and real time simulations, carried out to obtain an overall understanding of the simulated system’s behavior.

Our expert team is trained in all aspects of mathematical modeling, with the aim to achieve the best engineering simulations and real time simulators, as follows:

  •  Simulation of hydraulic and heat fluxes, including double-phase multicomponent thermal hydraulic systems in non-balanced state for nuclear and thermal-electric power units
  •  Core physics
  •  Radiation monitoring and source evaluation
  •  Modeling of combustion processes and flue gases in natural gas and coal furnaces at thermal power stations and other power generation facilities
  •  Turbines and other Balance of Plant (BOP) systems
  •  Process control and automation, graphic user interface for digital monitoring systems
  •  Electrical equipment and electrical circuit systems
  •  Control room replica, simulator instructor facilities, power supply and design of simulator computer set

The engineering and training simulation activities are mainly focused on nuclear power generation. In cooperation with its partners, the Company provides engineering services to its clients abroad.

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