Renewable Energy Division

Renewable energy sources include solar, wind, water, geothermal energy, as well as energy, obtained from plant and animal biomass. All these energies are the Company's focus of attention and active business initiative in the field of Renewable Energy.

Much emphasis is given to hydro engineering, including the design and construction of new facilities, refurbishment and reassessment of existing hydropower sites. Abilico has developed its own seismic risk assessment methodology for hydropower sites and other critical engineering facilities.

Abilico has intensively developed photovoltaic projects and provided the full array of services in this field, i.e. investment analysis, design, procurement and construction, and operation of photovoltaic installations.

 The Company has significant experience in the design of large wind power parks of more than 100 MW power. Abilico has its own measuring systems for assessment of the wind potential. Computer models based on the collected data and the characteristics of the relief are being developed by our team of highly qualified experts, so as to determine the optimal parameters of wind parks.

Abilico also performs comprehensive environmental impact assessments of industrial sites and installations. Moreover, the Company provides all services for selection and evaluation of construction sites for industrial installations, including nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities, large reservoirs, gas pipelines, landfills, etc.