Execution period 2011 - 2012
Contractor VINATOM


The project is part of the REL efforts to assist the Government of the SR of Vietnam in the design, construction and commissioning of the first nuclear plant with WWER in the country. The project consists of two parts.

The first part comprises the development of a methodology and comparative evaluation of the alternative options of WWER NPP. An analysis of the technical options of constructing power units with the three main WWER types has been performed.

These three options, subject of comparative analysis, have been defined by the Customer and they are: WWER-1000/320, WWER-1000/466 and WWER-1200(AES 2006).

Detailed methods for comparative analysis have been developed and relevant examples have been presented.

The second task is related to conducting a training program for Vietnamese specialists, particularly a training course “Introduction to the nuclear technologies”, as prepared based on the SAR (Safety Analysis Report) content. The training was intended for specialist from the Vietnamese Regulatory Body – VINATOM.

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