Execution period 2006 - 2011
Contractor Studen Kladenets HPP


Design work, procurement and construction has been accomplished for Studen Kladenets HPP extension; the installed power capacity of the existing plant has been increased by additional 17 MW, by installing two new hydro-power units: one of design capacity 16 МW, and another one, operated on environmental flows, of capacity 1.3 МW.

The following new facilities have been erected:

  • A new pressure pipeline 210.35 m long, with diameter 2.80 m. All along its length the pipeline is of gravity flow, encased in a tunnel. The tunnel has been excavated by blast method, and the tunnel body has been partly enforced by reinforced spread concrete and reinforced concrete passive anchors. The pipeline encasing area is filled with self-contracting concrete. To ensure compact filling of the pipe-encasing space, drilling-injection operations have been implemented, including contact injection in the pressure pipeline dome and consolidation injection into the rock body around the pipeline, by cementation.
  • New building of the plant has been constructed, with overall dimensions: length 20.96 m, width 25.25 m. The foundation elevation is 18.30 m, and the roof ridge elevation is +21.85 m.

The extension is divided into two main structural and technological scopes: underground part, and overground structure.

The underground part is situated below elevation 0.00; it is 18.30 m high, with volume 7900 m3. The building is composed of foundation, turbine floor, intermediate floor, generator floor, and “machine hall” floor.

The overground structure of the extension has surface of 410 m2 and volume of 7500 m3.

As part of the extension scope, the runway of the plant erection 1000/200 kN crane has been extended accordingly. The traverse beams are monolithic.

Similarly to the roof structure of the existing HPP, the building extension also has wooden roof structure.

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