Execution period 2008
Contractor Multi-profile hospital for active treatment “MBAL-Targovishte” Ltd.


The Project covers the full-scope engineering of cogeneration plant for combined heat and electric power generation with the installed electric power of up to 300 kW and total fuel energy efficiency above 80% with a possibility of future extension by a cold generation module.

The contract has been implemented according to a working program, presented to the Customer and approved thereby, comprising the following stages:

  • Stage 1: Analysis of the efficiency of the combined generation of thermal and electrical power, determination of the parameters and financial analysis of the project. Selection of vendor. Concurrence of the results with the Customer and elaboration of detailed design for construction and installation and connection of the cogeneration system to the “MBAL-Targovishte” central heating system and the electric power network;
  • Stage 2: Delivery of  equipment to the “MBAL-Targovishte” Ltd. site;
  • Stage 3: Installation of the cogeneration system and its relevant connections on the “MBAL-Targovishte” Ltd. site;
  • Stage 4: Adjustment of the system and its putting into operation; 72-hour trials, signature of Act 16 and commissioning.

A co-generating module has been installed on the “MBAL-Targovishte” site, based on an internal combustion, natural gas-fired engine. The electrical power of the module is 104 kW, and the respective thermal power is 160 kW. The installation work has been accomplished by the Risk Engineering Ltd. erection organization. The electrical power is being sold to the electric power distributing companies, whereby there is an option for operation in “island mode”, in order to comply with priority requirements in case of emergency power supply discontinuation.

The thermal energy is used only for domestic hot water supply to the hospital.  For the module guarantee and post-guarantee servicing, a contract has been concluded with the supplier company, which possesses a license for such activities provided by the module producer. The module will be operated the whole year round; thereby there would be no necessity to use a steam boiler for ensuring domestic hot water supply in the summer period.

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