Execution period 2011 - 2013
Contractor European Commission


The development and implementation of CORONA Project - Establishment of a Regional Centre of Competence for WWER Technology, co-funded by the European Union under the 7th EURATOM Framework Program, started in December 2011. It is a three year Project and 11 companies from 7 member-states of the European Union and associated members take part in it. The main objective of the Project is to establish a Centre of Competence for WWER Technology, which is to be acknowledged by the nuclear industry of Europe, as well as to develop and introduce training programs for WWER with the assistance of national and international institutions related to the training. One of the tasks of this Centre is to assist in the collection and preservation of WWER knowledge and building up competences in close cooperation with ENEN (European Nuclear Education Network).For the purposes of the Project training programs on WWER technologies and safety culture for different types of specialists will be developed, namely:

  •  nuclear specialists and researchers;
  •  non-nuclear specialists and contactors working in the areas related to the WWER technologies;
  •  students, teachers and journalists.

Pilot training will be conducted to prove the viability of the idea for training specialists from different countries on WWER technologies.

The Project is divided into 8 working packages. Risk Engineering shall take part in all packages and it is a leader in the development of Working Package 7 - Evaluation and Recommendations on the Sustainable Development of the Regional Centre of Competence.

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