Execution period 2011 - 2012
Contractor Parvomay Municipality


Installed power: 2.5 MW

The construction of the Plant includes the installation of 8 680 pieces of photovoltaic panels (Monocrystalline, 290 Wp) on static metal structures, on the area of 47.53 dca. The panels are connected to 155 pieces of string inverters (3-phase, 13.8kW). The “Debar" PPP is connected to the power distribution network through a new cable line (20 kV) with a length of 1.5km to the existing iron lattice pillar No. 19 of the Overhead 20 kV transmission line “Kravarnik”. In addition, the necessary electrical facilities have been constructed on the territory of the Plant: two transformer substations (type BKTP – Unit Switchgear Set Transformers, 1250kVA, 0.4/20kV) and one distribution station (20kV).

A monitoring system has been introduced for the PPP operation in real-time, thereby providing monitoring of a number of main technical parameters. A thorough analysis of the operation of the plant shall be made based on the incoming information and, if necessary, the trained personnel available shall undertake adequate measures to remove possible defects or accidents. The on-site security system includes: physical security, permanent video surveillance, security lighting and perimeter security for the entire length of the safety fence of the Plant by a sensor optical cable.

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