Execution period 2008 - 2013
Contractor Kozloduy NPP Plc.


The design and delivery of 6 kV breakers for switchgears 5 (6) BA, BB, BC, BD includes several stages:

Stage I – Prototype classification:

  •  Calculation Report to justify the selection of the switchgear and current-carrying parts
  •  Equipment classification report related to safety, seismic safety and quality
  •  Concurrence of the reports with the Employer and getting permit for main equipment production and delivery

Stage II – Development of Detailed Designs:

  •  Safety Analysis Report elaboration
  •  Detailed Designs for 6kV breakers replacement for Unit 5
  •  Detailed Designs for 6kV breakers replacement for Unit 6

The project implementation resolves the following problems – Local Control Board was designed for 6kV breakers; additional interlocks and signalization were designed. Design changes in connection with SF6 breakers installation in the Architectural – Civil Part, ventilation, signalization for SF6 availability in the breaker room.

Stage III – Equipment delivery:

  •  Equipment manufacturing
  •  Acceptance of equipment and acceptance factory tests
  •  Equipment delivery to the Employer's storage facility
  •  Carrying out receiving inspection related to accompanying documentation delivery

Stage IV – Designer supervision:

  •  Employer’s personnel training according to specially prepared program
  •  Designer supervision on the project implementation and installation supervision of the breakers
  •  Drafting as-built documentation with all design changes included
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