Execution period 2005 - 2008
Contractor National Electric Company Ltd.


The project for providing consultancy services to NEK for the construction of the Belene NPP was performed in several stages. Activities related to the development of the project and the selection of a contractor for engineering, delivery and construction of the Belene NPP were performed during the first stage of the project. In this connection, the following activities were performed by Risk Engineering Ltd.:

  • Development of tender documentation for engineering, delivery and construction, where the technical, commercial and financial conditions are indicated;
  • Recommendations on the number and scope of the contracts for engineering, delivery and construction;
  • Development of the financial objectives of the project and determination of the optimal structure of the property;
  • Development of the project structure for financing and construction of the Belene NPP;
  • Evaluation of the proposals for the design and construction of Belene NPP.

Assistance to NEK in the selection of the contractors of contracts for engineering, delivery and construction of Belene NPP.

  • Development of Licensing Plan and of the necessary documentation and studies for submission of application for approval of the selected site, application for request of permit for designing and other applications for permits and licenses required by the Bulgarian Laws;
  • Development of Quality Management Program of Belene NPP;
  • Development of Preliminary Safety Analysis Report for the Belene NPP;
  • Development of technical and economic reports necessary for the substantiation of the decisions made by the Client and for the submission at the financial institutions;
  • Development of Configuration Management Program, and others.

After the selection of Contractor for the engineering, delivery and construction of Belene NPP, the next stage started – the so-called stage of the project implementation, where Risk Engineering Ltd. performed the following activities:

  •  Project Management;
  •  Quality Management;
  •  Health and Safety, Environmental monitoring;
  •  Configuration Management, including the comprehensive management of documents;
  •  Assistance in the obtainment of licenses and permits;
  •  Contract Management;
  •  Management of Budget and Time Schedules;
  •  Risk Assessment and Management;
  •  Preparation of Project Management Manual and Quality Assurance Manual and Procedures;
  •  Management of deliveries which are in the scope of the Owner;
  •  Review of the project for conformity with the specifications;
  •  Audits and inspections in place;
  •  Coordination of the activities between the Owner and the Suppliers;
  •  Preparation and Review of Safety Reports;
  •  Verification of the design documentation for completeness and correctness;
  •  Construction Management;
  •  Control of performance of the construction and installation activities and the deliveries done – implementation and documentation;
  •  Control of construction documentation;
  •  Control of documentation regarding the start-up and commissioning procedures;
  •  Control of documentation on the acceptance tests.
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