Execution period 2006 - 2009
Contractor Republika TPP


The activities of the project implementation include all stages, until a fully functioning steam generator is commissioned. The main activities to be mentioned are:

  •  Project management;
  •  Elaboration of a detailed design for the steam generator reconstruction;
  •  Activities on construction site safety and environment protection;
  •  Replacement of the turbine vibration monitoring system;
  •  Manufacturing and supply of different elements of the steam generator as per the detailed design;
  •  Dismantling the existing equipment;
  •  Construction and installation work in accordance with the detailed design;
  •  Chemical clean-up and heating areas metal passivation;
  •  Blow-down of the steam lines;
  •  Single and complex tests;
  •  Commissioning into operation, including 72-hour trial;
  •  Participation in guarantee tests;
  •  Composition of acts, certificates, protocols and other documents during the project implementation;
  •  Training the personnel on operation and maintenance;
  •  Regulatory certification of the facilities – Act 16.

The Digital Automation System (DAS) performs all monitoring and control functions with high response speed, according to the requirements for control of the turbine, the steam generator, and the electrostatic filter. The main objective achieved was to operate the boiler installation mostly by the operator, using the DAS, which is installed in the central control room.

The rehabilitated steam generator features nominal parameters with the boiler installation using low-calorific fuel, achieving 87 % efficiency. The facility will be available for operation for not less than 25 years. The coefficient of utilization in terms both of availability and in power capacity has been improved. The facility has yearly availability 8000 hours, whereby more than 320 000 MWh electric power could be produced. The operation and maintenance expenditures have been optimized, the steam generator reliability has been upgraded, as well as the ecological parameters, namely: the upgraded efficiency results in decrease of the СО2emissions, and decrease of the nitric oxides in the flue gases below the rated value of 650 mg/Nm3. With the new electric filter, the dust emissions are also reduced by 98%.

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