Risk Engineering Ltd. Wins “Building of the Year” in 2008

Risk Engineering Ltd. has won a prize in the category Public Buildings with business functions in the Building of the annual contest in 2008. The building comprises of two underground levels and eight floors above the ground. The building has an interesting exterior and offers perfect working conditions for the staff. Its construction took about 18 months.

The roofing is also a unique element of the building, being at the same time a photovoltaic installation and the second largest of its kind in Europe at that.

The photovoltaic installation is installed onto the steel roofing structure at the southeast part of the building. The installation involves 198 modules representing special glass surfaces. There are photovoltaic modules installed in the glass elements – groups of solar cells made of polycrystalline silicon. The total area of the photovoltaic installation is equal to 489 square meters, with total installed capacity of 54 753 W. 

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