Management of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste

Risk Engineering Ltd. is experienced in all stages of spent fuel management. Spent fuel behavior was studied by performing deterministic and probabilistic safety analyses for Kozloduy NPP and at the wet repository on the territory of the plant. The Company contributed to the investigation and definition of the design bases for these facilities. Currently the Company employs a set team of experts who are proficient in all issues related to the storage of spent fuel.

The Company actively participated in the development of safety analyses and operation documentation necessary for the storage facility licensing.

One of the measures, in line with the Bulgarian national strategy for radioactive waste and spent fuel management, provides for the construction of spent fuel dry storage facility to collect the spent fuel from all Kozloduy NPP units. The building of such facility will make it possible to postpone the adoption of a decision on future nuclear fuel storage. The first phase of the construction of a spent fuel dry storage facility for 3024 fuel assemblies has been accomplished and the facility is ready for use. Risk Engineering Ltd. took part in the phase of detailed design elaboration and in the storage facility construction.

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