Integrated Design

Energy and Industrial Facilities Design and Construction

Risk Engineering Ltd. has the required competence for providing overall development of power and industrial projects, including all the necessary design parts:

  •  Architectural Part
  •  Civil-Structural Part 
  •  Mechanical and Process Part
  •  Electrical Part
  •  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  •  Water-Supply and Sewerage
  •  Automated Control and Monitoring Systems
  •  Instrumentation and Control Systems
  •  Radiation and Dosimetric Monitoring 
  •  Security Systems
  •  Fire-protection Systems
  •  Health and Safety Plans  

Reconstruction and Modernization of Existing Sites

Risk Engineering Ltd. has extensive experience in the design and implementation of reconstruction and modernization of existing power and industrial facilities. In recent years, Risk Engineering Ltd. has actively participated in the modernization of major energy facilities such as Kozloduy NPP, Maritsa East 2 TPP, Rouse TPP, Republika TPP, Studen Kladenets HPP etc. The Company has the expertise required for development of all project parts needed for complete reconstruction and modernization of energy and industrial sites. 

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