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Integrated Investment Design

Risk Engineering Ltd. has extensive experience in developing integrated investment projects covering all required parts/project disciplines. The most significant investment projects developed by the Company are in the energy sector – nuclear energy, conventional/thermal energy, hydraulic energy sector, renewable energy (wind-powered generating plants and photovoltaic power plants), cogeneration capacities.

Kozloduy NPP and Maritsa East 2 TPP are among our largest customers.

Risk Engineering Ltd. is a main participant in project development for the needs of Kozloduy NPP Units 5&6 Modernization Program, which is implemented in the period 1997 - 2005.

One of the large-scale and complex projects, in which the company took part, is the investment project under the contract for the construction (procurement, integrated design, and installation of plant and equipment) of a flue gas desulphurization plant at Maritsa East 2 TPP Units 5 and 6, which was implemented in the period 2009 - 2012. Risk Engineering Ltd. developed the greater part of the engineering and technical designs for the system. A smaller in scope but important part of the design was developed by foreign designers. For that part, Risk Engineering Ltd. performed authorization, which covers verification, correction and supplementing, issuance of the designs on behalf of Risk Engineering Ltd. in order to comply with the current Bulgarian regulatory framework. The design covers industrial plants complex design for unit boilers flue gases desulphurization. The European and current Bulgarian regulatory environmental requirements on the flue gas desulphurization are met with design implementation. In addition to the development of the design different parts, the contract provided for the assistance to the Employer in approving/coordination of designs by state and municipal control services, exercising designer supervision and drafting as-built documentation.

Construction projects implementation with full-scope engineering including design, procurement, construction and installation, test works and commissioning

The large-scale projects executed by Risk Engineering Ltd. are related to the building of construction sites with full-scope engineering including design, procurement, construction and installation, start-up and test works and commissioning.

More significant projects completed by Risk Engineering Ltd. include:

  •  Full-scope engineering of cogeneration plant with installed electric power of up to 300 kW and fuel energy efficiency ratio above 80% with a possibility of future extension by a cold production module at Targovishte Multi-Profile Hospital, etc.
  •  Engineering of co-generation plant CoTPP „Cogreen” – the town of Parvomay (plant for combined heat and power generation)
  •  5 860 kW cogeneration capacity construction in the village of Yastrebovo, Opan Municipality, Stara Zagora
  •  Design, procurement, installation and commissioning, personnel training and warranty service of electric filter and flue gas fans to the boiler in Ruse East TPP Unit 4
  •  Engineering for modernization of electric filter type ЭГА1-38-7,5-4-4 part of Boiler No. 7 in Toplofikatsia Ruse Ltd, Ruse East TPP
  •  Procurement, dismantling, mounting and commissioning of Turbine No.2 in TPP Maritsa East 2 EAD
  •  Reconstruction and Modernization of Steam Generator No.5 in Republika TPP, Pernik – design, manufacturing, testing, procurement, installation and commissioning
  •  Construction of sleeve filter at Deven TPP
  •  Replacement of relay protections at Units № 3 and № 4 in TPP Maritsa East 2 EAD including design, procurement, dismantling, installation, startup and checkout works, adjustments, development of as-built drawings  and commissioning of digital relay protections
  •  Design, dismantling, procurement, installation, commissioning and developing as-built documents of the digital relay protections of Maritsa East 2 TPP Units 5&6
  •  Design, dismantling, mounting, testing and commissioning of Generator ТВВ-220Е-230MW of TG-8 in TPP Maritsa East 2 EAD
  •  Procurement, dismantling, mounting and commissioning of generators with water-hydrogen cooling of Units 5 & 6 in TPP Maritsa East 2 EAD
  •  Design, procurement, dismantling, mounting and commissioning of the static excitation systems of the common plant turbine generators № 5 and № 6 in TPP Maritsa East 2 EAD
  •  Repair of the main spillways of Golyam Beglik dam wall
  •  Procurement and installation of new turbine and generator in Svilotsel Ltd, Svishtov
  •  Procurement and installation of a new turbine in Sofia East TPP, Sofia
  •  Spent Fuel Dry Storage Facility at Kozloduy NPP
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