Construction and Construction Supervision

Construction Project Implementation

Project construction in the energy sector is among the most important Company activities. Risk Engineering Ltd. is the Main Contractor of the following projects:

  •  Extension of the existing Studen Kladenets HPP by one 16 MW hydroelectric set and one 1.3 MW turbine on eco-flow
  •  Completion of the Construction and Installation Works (CIW) and the Commissioning Works (CW) at the site of the HPP’s hot canal TK-1 in Kozloduy NPP
  •  Construction of depot for solid, domestic, industrial and hazardous wastes from Maritsa East 2 TPP

Consulting services, including all activities as Consultant pursuant to the Spatial Planning Act (SPA) and performing the functions of “Engineer” under FIDIC contract terms and conditions.

Risk Engineering Ltd. holds license No LK-000164 to carry out assessment of compliance of investment projects and/or to exercise construction supervision. The license was issued by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works on the grounds of Art. 166, Par. 2 of the Spatial Planning Act.

Over ten Company’s experts possess a certificate of training on the FIDIC contract terms and conditions – Red and Yellow Books. 

The most significant consulting services contracts implemented by the Company include:

  •  Assessment of compliance of Project “Depot and transportation chart for supplies to the limestone warehouse of Maritsa East 2 TPP, Power Units 1-4” with the essential requirements to construction sites as well as issuance of construction permit, exercising construction supervision, elaboration of a technical certificate, and issuance of utilization permit. The above project was implemented between 2007 and 2010 and included consulting services as per the Spatial Planning Act (SPA)
  •  Elaboration of technical certificates for first category construction sites, managed by Natsionalna Elektricheska Kompania EAD (NEK EAD), “Dams and Cascades” Enterprise. Under this contract, the investigation of 15 (fifteen) major dams and htdraulic structures was carried out in Bulgaria, and technical certificates were elaborated according to the SPA and the secondary legislation acts thereto. The project was implemented between 2009 and 2010
  •  Contracts for the execution of construction supervision of infrastructural facilities. Employers under these contracts were the municipality of Sliven and the municipality of Nedelino. The projects scope included construction supervision of draining, road, reinforcement, and hydro-technical facilities, in compliance with the SPA
  •  Assessment of the investment project’s compliance with the essential requirements, and exercise of construction supervision, issuance of utilization permit, provision of consultancy and engineering services according to the FIDIC requirements to the project for “Rehabilitation of Maritsa East 2 TPP, Units 1-6”. This contract was implemented between 2005 and 2011. Within its scope, consulting services were provided related to the implementation of a large scale investment project, to include the following activities: 1) Major reconstruction and modernization with uprating of Units 1-6; 2) Construction of two desulfurization plants for flue gases purification from sulphur dioxide (one plant services Units 1 and 2, and the other – Units 3 and 4); 3) Installation of new up-to-date façade linings and roof water insulation of Units 1-4 Turbine Hall. The scope of consultancy activities, except these under the SPA, included also such activities related to the FIDIC contract terms and conditions – Yellow Book
  •  Provision of managerial, consultancy, supervision, and engineering services with the aim of facilitating the implementation of the project for design, construction, and commissioning of Belene NPP. The project was implemented between 2008 and 2012. The scope of consultancy activities, except these under the SPA, included also activities under the FIDIC – Yellow Book
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