Configuration Management

Configuration management (CM) represents an integrated management process, thus providing for compliance between design requirements, physical configuration and plant documentation and such compliance shall be maintained throughout the overall lifecycle of the plant.

The implementation of this process at a nuclear plant guarantees that:

(a) Structures, Systems and Components (SSC) of the plant and computer software are in compliance with the design requirements and

(b) the physical and functional characteristics of the plant are precisely described in the plant’s documentation.

Risk Engineering Ltd. based on its profound experience and knowledge in the nuclear energy area has successfully implemented CM projects for the Kozloduy NPP and Belene NPP. Company’s specialists worked as IAEA’s consultants on CM implementation at the Busher NPP, Iran.

Risk Engineering Ltd. executed the following activities in the development and implementation of CM systems:

  •  Structuring CM processes 
  •  Drafting CM programs, procedures and instructions
  •  Designing CM information systems
  •  Support in CM systems implementation
  •  Assessing CM efficiency
  •  Training
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