A Leader in Power Engineering

Abilico has a number of affiliate companies in different power engineering and energy-related branches. The Company has its share in the energy balance of this country through its affiliate companies, generating electricity from solar and hydropower, as well as from combined generation of electricity and heat. In order to support its core business, Abilico has founded two affiliate companies, specialized in providing engineering design, consultancy services as well as drafting of technical analysis of power projects. The large-scale projects are implemented with the support and resources of construction and repair companies, having all the required licenses.


The Company has diversified its activities to some extent, through two affiliates; one of which provides electronic and communications services and the other processes wood and produces eco-pellets.



  • Debar Solar EAD
  • Solar Rainbow LTD.
  • Bulgaria 2009 LTD.
  • Green Energy 2010 LTD.
  • Cogen Zagore LTD.
  • Risk Building LTD.